About Bishop Grote

Bishop Grote (center) with his sons Father Josh (left) and Father Jason (right).
The Rt. Rev. Royal U. Grote, Jr. was born in 1946 and spent most of his formative years in Hatboro/Horsham, Pennsylvania where he played football, sang in the choir and attended Horsham Bible Church where his father was the pastor. In 1971 he began attending Reformed Episcopal Seminary in Philadelphia and was ordained to the Presbyterate in 1975. He served as a local parish priest at St. Philip Reformed Episcopal Church in Warminster, Pennsylvania. In 1978 he accepted a call to St. Luke's Reformed Episcopal Church in New Providence, New Jersey and served as rector and, later, Bishop until moving to Houston, TX in 1991. In 1984 he was consecrated Bishop and served as assistant Bishop to the now Presiding Bishop of the Reformed Episcopal Church, The Rt. Rev. Leonard W. Riches.

In 1990 the General Council of the Reformed Episcopal Church created the Special Jurisdiction of North America (SJNA) to develop and care for parishes west of the Mississippi River. That same General Council called Bishop Grote to be a Missionary Bishop planting parishes in the Central and Western United States. That territory assigned covered 27 States. Bishop Grote and his family moved to Houston, TX in July of 1991 and began his ministry. At that time there were 5 missions and 1 parish in the Special Jurisdiction. In 1996, the SJNA was merged with the Synod of Chicago (The oldest Diocese in the REC) and was renamed the Diocese of Mid-America (DMA). Bishop Grote now serves as the Bishop Ordinary of the Diocese of Mid-America. Since that time, the DMA has divided twice by creating the Missionary Diocese of Central States and the Diocese of the West. At the present time, the DMA covers 18 states. The headquarters of the Diocese is located at St. Matthias in Katy, TX and, in 2004, Bishop Grote designated St. Matthias as the Cathedral Parish of the Diocese.

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