Frequently Ask Questions

Visiting a Church for the first time can be a scary thing. You might see a Church while driving home from work and your curiosity says, "Maybe I should visit that Church someday." However, all you know is what you have seen from the comfort of your car. You don't know what the worship service is like. You don't know what the congregation believes. You don't know what the people will be like. You don't know the size of the congregation. There are a lot of uncertainties about coming to a Church. That is why we offer this section of our website.

We want to answer these typical questions for you:
  1. What are the people at St. Matthias like?
  2. Is St. Matthias a big or small Church?
  3. How long is your service?
  4. We have young children. Is that a problem?
  5. What is worship like at St. Matthias?
  6. What is your pastor like?
  7. Can we come to Communion?

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