The Original Chapel - Taken in 2002

The Chapel

New Building - Dedicated 2006

Inside the Cathedral

Inside the Cathedral

Founding Members - The Johnsons


St. Matthias held her first services on the Feast of Pentecost 1982 in Baytown, TX. Soon thereafter some of the founding members moved across the city of Houston and continued this ministry on the "other side of town" in Katy. As is the case with many missions parishes, our faithful members held services in homes and rented storefront properties and had short-term and visiting clergy. The Lord blessed our labors and provided a permanent location in 1993 when we purchased a daycare facility just off of Clay Rd. between Barker-Cypress and Fry Rds and converted one of the rooms into a Chapel (see picture). That same year, the Rector Emeritus, The Rev. Jacob Feldhacker, was called to his Eternal Home and the Rev. John Stults served as the interim pastor. In 1995, we joined the Reformed Episcopal Church which has been, since 1873, a traditional, conservative, biblical and evangelical branch of Christendom.

This new relationship opened doors of opportunity for St. Matthias. A new and local rector, the Rev. Mark Baker, was called and our new sister parish (Holy Trinity - Downtown Houston) helped St. Matthias establish a daycare ministry. This ministry helped support the parish and was a blessing to the community until it was closed it in the summer of 2000. In 1998, the Lord blessed us again and we were able to purchase the property directly adjacent to our building. We seized the opportunity with the hopes that we would someday erect a new sanctuary.

With the new millenium came new beginnings. In 2000, Father Jason was called to be our Vicar. The daycare was closed and the building renovated to better serve the community as a church. When celebrating our 20th anniversary in 2002, we rejoiced as we placed a steeple upon our building (a long time desire fulfilled). A few years later, in 2004, Bishop Grote, the Bishop of the Diocese of Mid-America, moved his offices to St. Matthias and, subsequently, named St. Matthias the Cathedral Parish of the Diocese. It didn't take too long for the parish to outgrow the size of the Chapel and a building project was undertaken in 2005. The dream that the vacant lot would one day hold a new Sanctuary was realized when we dedicated our new building in 2006 (see pictures). It was at the same time that the parish hall was designated Johnson Hall in honor of Harry K. Johnson, III 's family who, as founding and Charter members, have been faithful servants in the parish to this day (see picture).

St. Matthias continues to be a parish of the Reformed Episcopal Church and is now a member of the Anglican Church in North America.

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