Concerning the Sanctity of Human Life


The following is a Resolution adopted by the Reformed Episcopal Church in 1997 concerning the Sactity of Human Life.

Resolution on the Sanctity of Life

On the basis of the teaching of Holy Scripture as set forth in the findings of this study, we propose the following resolution for adoption by this Council:

RESOLVED, that we, the Reformed Episcopal Church, vigorously affirm the biblical teaching of the sanctity of human life, and deplore the practice of permitting abortions, with the possible exception of cases where it has been clearly established that the life of the mother is in danger.

Based on a study done for the 97th Council of the New York and Philadelphia Synod in 1978 (now the Diocese of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic). This has been re-affirmed by the REC's General Councils of 1990 , 1993, and 1996. The complete text of the study is available upon request from the Cathedral Office.

© 1997, The Reformed Episcopal Church.

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